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The initial phase of the implementation of the final product, at the request of the market, is the process of designing and making models of the products using the computer in our own design office.

Once the product design is approved, the next phase is the construction of tools and accessories necessary for the implementation of the product.

Design, construction and technology projecting are made in the latest versions of CAD / CAM programs whereas all the tools are produced in the toolroom which is modernly equipped with CNC machines. In that way,   the period of time between a customer’s request and the placement of products on the market is maximally shortened.

The basis of the technological process in the production makes the processing of sheet metal by plastic deformation such as: punching, cutting, bending, deep drawing and broaching.

The company has achieved remarkable results primarily in the field of deep drawing for the production of both standard and boiler wall outlet covers. In that way, it is enabled for wall outlet covers with the best built- in characteristics to appear on the market.

We have a large number of eccentric and hydraulic presses, allowing for serial production and supply of the market with a certain product at any time.

The products made from high quality metal sheet for the process of deep drawing are surface protected with zinc in our own facility for surface protection. Coating thickness is 12 ± 2 microns and it is strictly controlled by the principle of the sample.

Raw material base for obtaining the final product is a low-carbon sheet thickness 0.4 - 1mm and stainless steel sheet thickness 0.4, 0.5 and 0.6 mm. Stainless steel sheet, which is obtained from the major Western European producers is the raw material for the production of ventilation grills, drains and the bathtub doors and it is characterized by excellent chemical endurance and resistance to corrosion.

We should also emphasize the exceptional design of ventilation grills and drains, which gives the interior a great aesthetic look.

The whole production is subject to strict quality control, starting with raw materials to final product delivery.

The final stage of the production process makes packaging and products storage.

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